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MUKAVA program 2002-2005

The Acronym, MUKAVA, is derived from the finnish words ”muistuttaa kasvatusvastuusta”, which remind Finnish adults of their responsibility for raising and educating their children.

(kuva askartelusta)

The MUKAVA project was comprised of seven component projects that collectively serve to enhance the social capital of Finland’s youth. MUKAVA focused on the student (preschool and health education); and the relationships between the school and the community, thus familiarizing students with working life and volunteerism and further strengthening the cooperation between home and school). The central component of MUKAVA was considered to be the integrated school day, funded by the Finnish National Fund for Research and Development (SITRA). The MUKAVA program started in 2002 and seven schools (in Sipoo, Jyväskylä, Sievi and Kuopio) participated in the first stage.

Great significance was placed on developing the social skills that are crucially important in today’s networked society. While social skills are learned first at home, schools now play a central role in their development and maintenance. The MUKAVA program, as an additional community resource, helps to facilitate the growth of socially competent individuals who are considerate of others and are able to develop and nurture a social network based on trust. MUKAVA program finished 2005.

More information

The Organization of School Day in Finland and the Concept of “Integrated School Day” in the MUKAVA Project. Lea Pulkkinen's presentation in Ganztagsangebote in der Schule-seminar in Frankfurt, 1-2 December, 2003. The slides related to the presentation.

A vision on an integrated school day

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